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Dip IIR(UK) MCThA Dip ITEC A&P Cert ITEC IHM MATATh Founder Member ING C&G 7307 EMBODY Registered & Approved Reiki Master/Teacher Metamorphic Technique Practitioner

Metamorphic Technique

Tania learned Metamorphic Technique in the 1990s from the late GASTON ST. PIERRE, Originator of the Metamorphic Technique and Founder of the Metamorphic Association.  Tania will always remember his knowledge and willingness to share.   This simple technique gives you the opportunity to connect with yourself and become who you are rather than what others expect you to be. From this your own personal development may take place. People have said they find it soothing and calming as their responses unfold. Others find it energising feeling they can begin or continue with a project. It is known to help adults and children with learning difficulties and every session is as individual as you are.


A wonderful technique applied to the feet, hands and head which allows you time and space to just 'be'. Recommended at times of transition (divorce, house move, pregnancy etc) or if you are stuck in a rut.


The Metamorphic Technique is recognised by the CThA.  


"An acorn will always be an acorn unless it is placed in the correct environment for it to transform into an oak tree."      


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Metamorphic Technique Fees


Adult: £52.00 (allow 1 hour 15 mins)


Child: £32.00 (1 hour)  

Child: £22.00 (1/2 hour)

Child rate applies up to the age of 16